You sign up log in groups lung cancer survivors support community home new recommended discussions journals members about sign up all active recommended topics start a discussion coughing by aben · yesterday at 11:27 am · 4 replies in non-small cell lung cancer - stage iv 0 recommend recommended processing... discount generic viagra    follow replies stop following processing... overnight generic viagra delivery    problem    options options: print shared with the public i am coughing a lot these days, but the phelm is clear, no blood. I have always had bronchial problems, so what's up with this? Anyone else? buying generic viagra on line My doctor doesn't seem concerned about it - saying if it's clear it's okay. how much does viagra cost australia Explore topics in this post explore topics in this post: allergies bronchitis cancer chronic bronchitis lung cancer mucinex pneumonia 4 replies    reply oldest first newest first by squanch reply 3441020 yesterday at 11:51 am report post i have never completely stopped coughing since my diagnosis and treatment. viagra push up commercial The pulmonologist said with the scarring in my lungs from radiation, i will probably always cough some. He also said as long as anything i cough up is clear, he's not concerned. What i need to watch for is increased coughing, since i've had obstructive pneumonia and three rounds of pneumonitis (two from radiation, one from chemo). viagra viagra viagra costs If your coughing has increased noticeably, it's worth talking to your pulmonologist. Where to buy viagra in delhi Reply by tobyliv reply 3441251 yesterday at 1:02 pm report post my mom coughs a lot too. cheap viagra in usa She also has chronic bronchitis. She has an inhaler that seems to help keep her lungs open. Reply by larbear reply 3441448 yesterday at 2:28 pm report post i have been fighting stage iv lung cancer since 2001. This is the first year i have had a cough and mucus. My doctor said i could try cough syrup or mucinex. viagra cheap online canada I tried them both and got no relief. viagra trazodone interactions Good luck to all reply by cuddles53 reply 3441545 yesterday at 3:04 pm report post it could be just allergies. buy generic viagra online cheap The pollen is in full swing, and i saw on the news it is worse than ever.. Not to worry with no yellow or green mucous, or blood. viagra and blood pressure tablets If it is clear, it may just be an irritation.. generic viagra pills We always worry and fear the worst. What is the purpose of the bathtubs in the viagra commercial I did have a cough at one point, and coughed up a big blob of blood, frank red blood. viagra push up commercial I was scared to death, for sure it was cancer again?? viagra without a doctor prescription miami No, it was pneumonia and antibiotics fixed it. where can i buy viagra with paypal So try not to worry and just keep notes on your symptoms. Viagra women dose God bless, sandy reply oldest first newest first please sign in to reply don't have an inspire account? effects of male viagra on women Join now! E-mail: password: forgot password? Keep me signed in checking this option will keep you signed in on this computer until you sign yourself out. Do not check. buy viagra online without script